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    Australian Terroir

    Recommended for use when celebrating, honouring and recognizing family, friends, peers and organisations in the community as well as for your absolute personal pleasure. These wines compliment natural “real” food.

    The major benefit to you is that each wine is “One of a Kind”, exclusive in style and different in composition. Extending beyond the concept of regional “Terroir”, we have created the “Australian Terroir”. Each wine has been hand crafted by creating a specific blend of individual terroirs from different parts of Australia. The synergy of each blend creates this “One of a Kind” exceptional wine. For example the Sparkling wines have been created from blends of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay taken from outstanding sites at Tumbarrumba in the Snowy Mountains, Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills and Kongarong at Mount Gambier.

    These wines are currently being developed and are not yet available for sale. We anticipate the Sparkling, White and Red wines to be ready in 2011.

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