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    "A Sense Of Claremont"

    The Claremont brand has a “Sense of Place” which involves aspects of the past, the present and the future in an integrated connection.

    The Past: is symbolized through Claremont House. The house was built in 1842 by Alfred Hardy and is located close to the central business district of Adelaide on a hill over looking open land, trees, views of the city and the local beaches. The name Hardy is also synonymous with one of the original founding families of our wine heritage in Australia.

    Peter Waite, a famous and wealthy Australian pastoralist acquired Claremont House in 1912 and the surrounding land. Peter donated the house with 60 hectares of land to the University of Adelaide to be used for agricultural studies and as public parkland.

    Claremont House

    The Present: is symbolized through the Adelaide University Rugby Union Club. The Clubhouse and playing ovals are located about 2km down hill from Claremont House on the public parklands that are part of the land gift from Peter Waite. Claremont winemaker, Les Sampson, is a life member of the Rugby Club and is as passionate about the game of Rugby as he is about making wine. Les believes that Rugby is played in heaven and Claremont wines are served.

    Waite Oval from the Adelaide University Rugby Club

    The Future: is symbolized through the University winery, vineyards, cooperative research facilities, libraries, laboratories and learning institutions that support the Australian Wine Community from student winemakers and viticulturist to innovative producers such as Claremont.

    These facilities are located between Claremont House and the Rugby Club on the same donated land. Peter Waite’s vision for agricultural studies and public parklands will continue to grow into the future.

    Adelaide University Winery

    The Connection: is symbolized by Claremont Avenue that joins all three elements of the house, the winery and the rugby club. In a spark of perfect synergy and as if destined to happen, Les Sampson was sipping on a glass of wine on the deck of the Rugby Club reflecting on a possible brand name and connection while overlooking the parklands. The great grandson of Peter Waite came over to engage Les in discussion. As they talked about wine, rugby and brand names, Les looked over to the street sign – “Claremont Avenue”. In a crucible of inspiration and thought all the elements came together at one moment in time and the brand “Claremont” was born.

    Claremont Avenue looking east from the Rugby Club towards the University Winery and then Claremont House.

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