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    Our Community

    Who is Claremont
    We are a family company consisting of Christine & Les Sampson supported by their five children. Christine and Les over the past 20 years or more have planted many vineyards in Australia and produced numerous award-winning wines. Christine studied Viticulture and Les studied Winemaking at University together and many good times and challenges were had on the journey.


    Welcome from Christine and Les Sampson

    What are the Benefits to you
    There are some added value benefits for you as a member of the Claremont Community. You can become part of the connected and special Claremont community that enhances their experiences through such aspects as your:
    • Ongoing and direct personal interaction with the winemaker (Les Sampson), the viticulturist (Christine Sampson) and other Claremont Community members to answer any questions you have in relation to vineyards and winemaking or even the meaning of life, universe and all that.
    • Contribution of ideas, thoughts and experiences on such things as food matching and new product development.
    • Access to special deals and promotional opportunities
    • Wine and branded merchandise orders
    • Food matching functions or winemaker dinners for new releases.
    • Many lifestyle occasions and luxury moments to celebrate as the Claremont Community calendar of events develops.
    • Own individual Claremont member number

    We are using our Web site, Facebook and our Twitter accounts as tools to support and encourage the Claremont Community interactions while still relying on the regular face-to-face, telephone and email interactions.

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